Things to talk about on a date - Why Women Love Bad Boys

Published: 17th September 2009
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A brash, over the edge guy who performs not seem to give a damn about everything thing in livlihood attracts a lot of women. It is said the present women as bad boys but it has always continued a mystery to it.

It is in effect difficult to figure out that psychology behind the liking towards the bad boy. You might contemplate yourself outgoing but conservatism stops you from working at a lot of things. There can be many reasons for a woman to slow for a bad guy.

• The indifference in the bad boy's personality attracts a lot of women. The "I give a damn" attitude makes them all the more desirable. Women love to make a bad guy who cares for nothing in this world to fall for them and care for them. They happen to love this exclusivity.

• Bad boys have a very prominent trait of being rebellious towards things in life. Their company can be adventurous, fun and exciting at the same time. You walk the line on the wilder side of your life.

• You do things that you would not have done sans their company. The fun lies in doing something you have never done. They are fun as they help you shed the shackles, cross the line and push the limits.

• Women have the illusion that bad boys are very hard to get or are very difficult to get them attracted to you. The challenge and mystery pulls them more towards rebellious personalities. It is human psychology to get attracted towards things you think are inaccessible.

• The rebellious trait in bad boys gives women a feeling of power. This trait somehow rubs off on them as well. They also feel much protected in their company giving them an air of togetherness.

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