Relationship Tips - What Do Bad Boys Have That Attract Women?

Published: 10th July 2009
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The alarm bells are ringing, past experiences are telling you to stay away, but trusting yourself to stay away is too much to ask. Bad boys don't often possess the stereo typical qualities of your everyday eligible man. According to social behaviour analysts, bad boys are less likely to be: smarter, successful at their career, family oriented or as physically attractive than their 'nice guy' counterparts.

So what constitutes a 'bad guy' and why do women want them.

Women feel safe and protected.

" He's not boring - never a dull moment."

Bad boys are charming and lustful.

" He's no Mummy's boy "

Makes women feel incredibly beautiful during sex.

Brings out the true dominant and submissive roles men and women are biologically programmed to display.

" He's robust and competitive "

Bad boys do not come across as desperate.

Women feel complimented that someone like that would be attracted to them.

Some women find intimacy as a major issue in their lives. This being the case, its not uncommon for her to choose a man who is distant emotionally but strong and firm physically and who takes charge of the intimate issues the women has difficulty with and ultimately hands him control.

It is true that for some women, they forever sub-consciously seek out relationships that take on the same role as when they were children. If she has lead a healthy and family oriented upbringing, she will seek out a partner with whom she can continue this way of life with. If she was brought up as the primary carer, she will look for someone that she can take care of. If she has been brought up as a young girl with negative or violent influences and has longed for care and protection, then she will be attracted to bad boys.

Signs that your man really is a bad boy.

Any of the following represents that your man is not treating you in a respectful manner. You probably already know this but feel like you have a guardian that you can turn to for protection so you learn to accept the following as normal behaviour.

Rarely plans to do special things with you, rather calls you in the early evening and expects you to drop everything.

Doesn't show up at pre-arranged times and offers no explanation.

Prone to bleeding you of finances and is always promising to pay you back money he has borrowed.

Forgets or dismisses important dates such as your anniversary, or Valentines Day.

Has no issue flirting with other girls but will become volatile should you interact in a friendly manner with another man.

Turns up at your place after a night out in the early hours of the morning for sex and then leaves.

Dating bad boys offers women a false sense of self esteem which is propped up when they are together. Female singles who target bad boys for dating and relationships will usually end up hurt and rejected. Long term happiness within a relationship can only ever be achieved when a partner reciprocates expressing the importance of believing in yourself and encouraging each other in your beliefs and dreams. Download your FREE Dating Ebook @ href=""> now.

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