Relationship Tips - Make a Guy Chase You

Published: 10th August 2009
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Do you know how to make a guy chase after you? When you are not with your guy, do you know that he is thinking about you and longing to see you again? Do you even give him the opportunity to miss you in the first place? If you want to learn how to make a guy chase you, keep reading...

If you are always available to him whenever he wants to see you, then you are not going to be able to make a guy chase you. You don't have to cut him off completely, just make yourself a bit less available by seeing him less and seeing your friends more. He will start to miss you and wonder what you are thinking about and doing when you are not together.

If you have already told him that you feel quite seriously about him and he gave you a non-committal answer, do not say it again. Pushing him by repeating it over and over again is not going to get you the results that you desire. Just do not make any more verbal confessions until he has made one to you.

However, the same goes for if you have not told him yet how you feel. Think about how much you are stressing and wondering about his feelings for you. Doesn't it keep him on your mind all of the time? If he is wondering the same about you, you will be on his mind all of the time too, so keep it to yourself!

Finally, if you have been trying to make a guy chase you and nothing seems to work, then you need to think about whether or not you should continue to see him at all. You can't force what is not there and if he is really not into you, you shouldn't be wasting your time. Download your FREE Dating Ebook @ href=""> now.

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