Relationship Tips - How to Keep His Fire Burning For You

Published: 10th August 2009
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Once you have been with a man for a while, some of the romance will start to die down. While you shouldn't worry because this happens to everyone, you also should not get complacent with your romance. Even after the initial thrill of new love wears off, you and your man should continue to try to excite each other. But how do you keep his fires burning for you?

The secret that not many women know is that you can continue to play hard to get with your man, even after you have been involved with him for some time. In fact, you should do this because men love to feel the thrill of the chase and he needs to be kept on his toes to keep from getting bored with you.

One thing that you can do is to cut back on some of the time that you are spending with him. This does not mean to completely cut him out of your life, but just give him some space. For instance, if you go away for the weekend with your girlfriends it will give him time to miss you and absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Next, try not to let him know everything that you are thinking about the relationship. Women tend to want to tell everything that they are feeling because we are comfortable with our emotional sides and we like to share with others. But if you hold back a bit and make him ask you to find out, then he will really listen to what you have to say.

For some reason, men always seem to want the one girl that they cannot have. Once you are with a guy, is there a way that you can play hard to get that will tap into some of the power over men that the unattainable woman has? The answer is yes! By making him work to find out what you are thinking and feeling and being less available to him, it will make you seem unattainable to him again and he will react by wanting you even more. Download your FREE Dating Ebook @ href=""> now.

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