Relationship Tips - How to Get a Boyfriend in 3 Easy Steps

Published: 10th July 2009
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Have you been between boyfriends for a while? Are you tired of staying home alone? Are you longing for the thrill and excitement of getting to know a new guy? You probably already know some of the things it takes to attract a guy, but perhaps you need a little boost to get you out of your current slump. Read on for some tips on how to get a new boyfriend in record time.

Dress to bring out your best assets

You may not look like a super model, but you do have some attractive features (everyone does). You need to figure out what your best features are and dress to bring them out. Perhaps you have nice cleavage. Learn how to dress to show it off subtly, without being too revealing. If you have a tiny waist or long, beautiful legs dress to show them off without being too obvious. The idea is to look classy, not trashy.

Make sure your hair is always clean and nicely groomed. Learn to apply makeup so that you always look your prettiest. If you feel that you look your best, you will carry yourself with confidence and that makes you even more attractive.

Exude self-confidence

Most guys find self-confidence an irresistible trait in a woman. Perhaps you've noticed that the woman who seems to attract the most attention in a group is not necessarily the prettiest. However, she probably is the most self-confident. She knows how to carry herself with self-assurance and let her personality shine through.

You can exude the same self-confidence once you know you look your best. Smile and make eye contact when talking to a guy. Do a little subtle flirting and let him know you think he's attractive. That way, you'll be letting him know that you are interested and approachable.

Go where the guys are

Now that you've upgraded your appearance and learned to carry yourself with confidence, you will need to find out where single men gather and go there to show off your new skills. You won't find a new boyfriend hiding out in your apartment, so go with confidence and seek him out where he tends to hang out. You now know how to attract a guy, so go where they are and have fun! Download your FREE Dating Ebook @ href=""> now.

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