Relationship Tips - 7 Signs That a Guy Likes You

Published: 06th July 2009
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1. He treats you different

If you watch how he interacts with other women no matter what sort of person he is, he will be spending more time with you, listening more to you, and trying to impress you more than others.

2. The way he looks at you.

Whether it is the smoldering looks of desire in his eyes, or it's just a longer glance your way when you have not met yet, you will find if a man is interested in you, he will be looking at you different.

If he already knows you, he will be looking into your eyes and paying attention toyou when you speak and won't be easily distracted. He may even tell his friends that he will catch up with them later, even if they beg him to come without hardly moving his eyes from you.

If he does not know you, no matter what is going on in the room and how many people are around him, he is very aware of you with his eyes.

3. He is open with you.

A guy that is really into you won't have a problem sharing things with you that are on his heart. Some things might need some digging and some persistance on your part but if he likes you your digging will pay off and he will be very open with you.

4. You may hear or see him showing off.

Little boys often break a limb showing off in front of a girl and not much changes when they grow to be a guy. If he likes to tell you all about his job, how hot his car is, and to wear nice cologne and clothes when he takes you out, these are all signs that he is into you.

5. He tries to find a connection

When he speaks and he finds that you like the same actors, authors, TV shows or anything in common and he gets excited, this is a sign that he is looking further ahead.

6. He makes an effort to get on with your friends.

A guy with comman sense knows that a girls girlfriends are important to her. A guy that makes an effort to make them laugh and to be nice your friends is a guy that wants more than a casual relationship.

7. He likes to make it known that you are his

A guy that is happy to hold your hand and to kiss you in public is a guy that is marking his own and who is confident to say to all other males that you are his. Download your FREE Dating Ebook @ href=""> now.

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