Relationship Tips - 2 Key Things A Girl Wants From Her Man

Published: 04th July 2009
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Most guys have, at some time in a relationship, wondered just what their woman wants. Some guys will basically just become a girl's slave, doing every little thing she asks, in the course of trying to answer this age old question. The truth is that a woman will only be in a relationship with a guy who knows these two very important things. What are they?

First: "A Guy Who Understands." It can be tough, but try putting yourself in a woman's place and try to fully get their feelings and emotions. Let's face it, women are illogical sometimes, and that's driven by their emotions. One of the most powerful of these psychological needs is the need to be understood.

Two: "He Loves Me For Me." As much as you may be insecure in your relationship, your woman is probably even more so. These are closely guarded secrets that are only revealed to their closest friends. Most women are frightened that they are deeply flawed and will drive a guy off if he found out her secrets. If you make it known that you'll always love her for being her, she'll feel better. Make sure she feels comfortable being herself around you, and let her know you won't be judgmental of her actions.

With that said, we can talk about the key differences between men and women. Men are more physical beings, while women are highly emotional. If you want to get physical with a woman, you need to get in tune with her emotions first.

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