Insomnia Cure - Insomnia Withdrawal Symptoms

Published: 23rd August 2009
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Withdrawal as the word suggests refers to pulling back or retirement of a prevailing status and the after effects pertaining to such changed situations. Insomnia Withdrawals in a simpler way deals with the physical and mental stress observed by a person in the course of an unexpected and sudden hampering or shortage of a substance used by him for a long period. The causes supporting symptoms of withdrawals are numerous.

Insomnia withdrawals can only be rectified by following a very slow process. As such insomnia is a common symptom found among various addictive disorders few to be named as drugs, alcohol etc. Depression is commonly influenced by insomnia. Overcoming insomnia is not a difficult task but rather involves a long duration competing with a strategically planned routine which should be followed on a strict base.

Symptoms of insomnia withdrawals are very mild unlike any other withdrawals. They are usually not life threatening. One can start using sleeping pills as a part of overcoming sleeplessness but as they are not free from assuring no side effects these can be limited in its usages. Withdrawal commonly covers symptoms such as sweating, tremor, vomiting, anxiety, insomnia and joint pains. An insomniac would interface with major other problems such as aggression, diarrhea, dizziness, frequent headaches etc. A healthy body requires a completely healthy sleep.

One can be diagnosed with insomnia under any of the following conditions.

* Inability to get sleep

* Frequently waking up at night

* Difficulty in going back to sleep

* Waking up too early

Common side effects of insomnia include being tiered during the day, being irritable, and problems concentrating. The causes can be further overviewed by classifying it into primary and secondary insomnia. Primary insomnia is nothing but factors relating to inability of a person in the attainment of sufficient sleep. Primary insomnia is primary in nature. It does not occur as an outcome of any other problem but it is a problem in itself. Primary insomnia is a common condition which is temporary and last only for one month approximately. The most original reasons for primary insomnia will include long tours, busy work schedules, emotional upset, stress etc. On the contrary secondary insomnia is the outcome of sleeplessness due to severe problems identified as the cause of medical condition. Depression is a frequently observed cause of secondary insomnia. Secondary insomnia should always be treated under the strict evaluation by a physician because secondary insomnia could further develop into any other chronic disorder which may be life threatening at times. Reasons for secondary insomnia would include Sleep Apnea (a kind of sleep disorder), alcohol, high dose of medications etc. Increased use of coffee, anxiety, and stress at work can be counted among the reasons of secondary insomnia. Download your FREE Insomnia Cure Tips @
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